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Whether you’re on the South east west, midwest and north and any local and worldwide markets enjoying the holidays especially in the US industry sales and business sales and spending during the winter months. Playlists of the season gives the cheer of being social and sharing the right vibes with family friends and also memories of holiday time to remind us and relate our story to the people.

A lot of people consider New York City to be the jazz capital of the world. The Winter Jazzfest gives any jazz lover local and worldwide to experience the ambience at its finest moments. The Winter Jazzfest first began in 2005. Since that time it has solidified the word on the street as the hub of learning culture and showcasing fresh and vibrant rhythms and visuals around New York. It started as a single locale schedule. Now the New York Times, National Public Radio rave on this jazz fest for locals and visitors to the city. In 2017 it grew to fourteen stages throughout six evenings expanding from downtown Manhattan.

During this year the jazz fest hosted seven hundred artists and over one hundred fifty music groups. JazzTimes rated the festival number one in North America. It has transformed into a must experience place to go for art enthusiasts and those who enjoy jazz music during the first month of the new year in January. In the city that never sleeps the jazz fest does a great service to the city by harping on that slogan. You can move between multiple venues from beginning of the evening to late night hours.

There is nothing like this jazz music all nighter anywhere in the world for even the most refined jazz listeners. The audience grew to thirteen thousand in 2018 and is expected to hold two thousand more festival goers this year in 2019.  The Winter Jazzfest praises the music a living breathing energy. Introducing history with the now in each composition. Winter Jazzfest is now an annual home for contemporary jazz music in the New York area.

They have documented fans exploring the music venues they showcase spanning over North America throughout twenty different countries. This year the festival is in its last weekend coming to a close as its been active since January 4th – 12th. Get your tickets here.  

Dedicated to real fans who plan for the experience.

Cracow, Poland – June 25, 2018: New bone performs live at the Summer Jazz Festival in Krakow, is the 23rd edition of the festival, which will host over 150 concerts and will perform over 500 jazz musicians

Music travels and gravitates to many ears and listeners. At the shift into the end of 1920 years the highly jazz talented that were performing were in circuit overseas from the United States to Europe. The spread of jazz has taken its fan base and art to high levels of audience and fresh waves of frequency across send messages in it’s history since being documented first recordings in America.

The first jazz superstar as we knew was Louis Armstrong in 1927. The solo superstar that stuck with his traditional setup to musical creation style.  “What a Wonderful World” is a staple for the movies, commercials the holidays and to this day can be introduced to the newest or unfamiliar jazz listener. The song made it’s way around radio and prestigious Billboard rankings top 100 as well .

As we let you know about us we introduced how the word jazz came to be and it didn’t enter vocabulary until 1912 although the music was experienced years before it was titled. The new sound was popping as it was powerful in volume, and included a tempo that was new to the world of music that was widely recognized. The reach made it to New York, Chicago, California and where the music industry leaked on the road in the US as multi millions of records were distributed during the time of the 1920s. When you add radio broadcast the want and urgency to hear it was booming.

The first documented European famous jazz professional is guitarist Django Reinhardt, in the 1930s. Since then it has continuously added reach of listeners as a worldwide music.Nowadays every major city in the Earth spread word of local hub fan spots, places performing jazz and people interested to hear more and are familiar with what already exists in jazz so far. 

Since its widespread take over then now the jazz interest in measured music industry the US has dipped. Nielsen reports for year end music that jazz’s total share of volume by format and genre is at the lowest scale taking up 1%. That has been floating around that percentage even back since the 2014 report. This makes jazz at this time in the United States along with classical the leased consumed music following children’s music. Classical outsold jazz with digital album sales.

This seems to be a growing tendency in the recent decade directly in sales. Numbers don’t lie of course as we understand for measuring sale popularity. The listeners are not as tuned in as they once were on a popular music sales level. The new fan and listeners haven’t caught on with as much as Rock and Hip Hop loyalty to stream and purchase.

We look to extend the jazz fest.