Organizing Your Own Festival

One thing you never hear from people when experiencing an event or festival is that this festival is way too organized. Putting all the right pieces of the puzzle together for an extravagant festival that becomes a success is a full time job. The planning and preciseness takes months of organizing and putting it together.

First you should appoint a group whose main purpose is to create the guidelines and decide on decision makers for the committee carrying out the task to completion. Your group should be checking on local laws and ensuring your in the clear for permits and regulations.

Putting a multiple day festival in your city depends on some Intel on who to book and in the local music climate. The capabilities of making a event of this magnitude is not as unfathomable as you may have originally believed. Anyone who will take the time and commitment to plan, dig for information and educate themselves has the power to put on the best festival.

  1. What’s the purpose of your event?

Festivals could just be created for no reason at all and just for entertainment purposes. The more triumphant the festival, event, or fair the more detailed and explicit the goal or expedition of the event is clearly attached.

The A3C Music Festival and Conference in Atlanta flooring broke ground started in 2005 to showcase hip hop music. It has grown into a extraordinary full work week bringing together film, art, and educational sessions for the independent artist.

Lollapalooza is based in Chicago every year since 1991 and centers around rock and hip hop from Outkast to Lady Gaga to the Red Hot Chili Peppers.  Lolla Cares is the organization that circles a social mission like registering voters to bone marrow pairing programs.

Wills Mountain Festival in Bedford County Pennsylvania is only three days and encompasses local and national acts in reggae, folk, blues, and jazz. Their mission as well as bringing great music together for a weekend is adding awareness for the environment with seminars and active support groups.

All of these festivals and most in general have a meaning and initiative that make them unique. Develop yours first.

  1. Create the Ideal Lineup

As soon as you created your motive of your festival the acts should flow with the same creative juices. Decide the amount of talent you want to perform and then begin contacting to see who’s free and hype enough to join your set. Without the notoriety your brand new first ever festival will be in obscurity. People and talent alike won’t know about you which means it may be tougher to assimilate artists who want to perform and getting every act on your favorite playlist for your first one. Grab your headliners and make sure they are in place first. Once they are locked in it will be easier to fill in other acts and draw crowds. Keep in mind to have backups because artists have  tendency to not always follow through and pull out last minute.

You must consider the budget of your acts. If your event sells tickets you can add up formulas of what you need to budget before hand. But, when creating a free event you must know your numbers. Calculate your costs of your premier lineup and accumulate it by the approximated attendance. Take away any costs of operations and you will have the total of how much you can compensate talent.

3. Bring In Vendors, DJs, and Others

The unique lineup you come up with will keep your audience diverse and engaged throughout the entire event. Music throughout the entire festival is great but adding some flare will spice your festival up and make things much more lively to stick around. Use your creativity to expand yours and your audiences mind with performances from other artists across the scope from comedians to other performance artists. The identity of your festival will grow outward when you are able to incorporate various elements like speakers, poetry, dancers, a plethora of food options for your crowd and stage setups will create a memorable experience for them to bask in the environment throughout it’s entirety.

Consider having funds going to a charity of your choice and encourage information sessions and panels. The addition of a DJ will keep the vibe on beat throughout and in the segue of sets.

4. Lockdown A Location

Securing a locale is predominately the obstacle that will take your plans to the next level of making this festival an actual reality and visualizing the details . Once this is done everything else seems like rolling down hill easier. The amount of days it will take place and the projection of how many people are the factors you should take into account when finalizing options.

Outdoor locations for your festival will require following permit protocols and further compliance with the State and local county. Remember you are not limited to one place for the entire duration of the event. In addition you are able to create an experience that allows unique places that aren’t typical club venues. For example a local park, or a business that would willing to host.


5. Connecting With Sponsors

Sponsors will assist you acquire some extra assets in exchange for advertising. Of course the sponsors will want to be aware of how much ads will be in rotation to make sure the deal is worth while. Free beverages would help in turn make you more money and save the upfront costs of what you would spend on your own.

Local and larger companies are always an option and with the exposure you provide could be beneficial for both parties. When it comes to which state you are organizing your event there may be grants available for your reception.

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